When we set out to make items for pet lovers, we realized that we had the potential to do small amounts of good along the way.  

  • We continue to give a percentage of our income to rescues, dog training clubs, disaster relief funds, FFAs, 4-H Clubs, community pantries, and other truly deserving groups.  
  • We provide good products that we can stand behind, products we make or that we know are made by small businesses just like ours, here in the US.  
  • We are size inclusive.  Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and care.  No one is turned away because "we don't carry your size."  If it's not on our website, we will find it for you.  All you have to do is ask.
  • We are a family business.  We both have been teachers (Brian still is).  This means we aren't going create items that you can't wear in public.  We'll have funny (and punny) shirts but nothing crude by our standards.  
  • Lastly but perhaps most importantly, we are animal people.   We love to see your pictures and we want to know your joys and heartaches.  We'll share ours too.  We're learning of new types of pets that people keep all of the time.  As we do, we're encorporating new styles into the catalog.  Anything you see that is for dogs can also be made for cats or ferrets, or tortoises, or snakes...  We know how much you love your pets because our lives revolve around ours too.