Terms & Conditions


We offer special gifts in wood and fabric for your home and family.  All of our items are made with your family’s safety in mind; for instance, we only use food-safe glues and AP-Certified paint on children’s toys, as well as food-safe glue and finishes on our cutting boards and butcher’s blocks.  I make almost everything by hand.  At times, I feature a few items by a family friend (crochet items seasonally) and gifts my mother makes.  I do purchase my aprons from Best Aprons before I embroider them by machine.  Best Aprons are made in the USA and use high quality fabrics that really stand up to kitchen use (garden or shop use too!).  Sometimes I also purchase what are called embroidery blanks such as towels or napkins to embroider or personalize.  However, my personal stamp is always on these items.  I do not resell items for any other company.  I do my own woodworking and my own sewing.   
In order to ensure that you will be delighted with your purchase, we strive for excellent customer service and communication through the following policies:

Payment Policies

We accept payment through Paypal as the primary method of payment, as it has been proven to be the safest and the quickest way to enjoy shopping online.  If you do not wish to use Paypal, we can set up a private payment through Square Register.  This will allow you to pay from your home from an on-line invoice.

Unless you are an established client, special orders will require an up-front payment. I will create a private listing for you on the site.  Private listings are to be paid within 3 business days, unless prior arrangements are made. Any listings not purchased within this time frame will be taken off the site.

Shipping Policies

*Your address must be a verified deliverable address by the United States Post Office!*

Shipping defaults are USPS priority mail and shipping costs include insurance. When applicable, we will provide you with a tracking number for your purchase. Please provide us with your telephone number for delivery purposes.

Items generally ship within 1  weeks following payment unless extenuating circumstances are involved. Most in stock items ship much quicker.  Custom orders take time to make and vary with the season (order Christmas items EARLY). 

International customs: Any duties imposed by your particular country are your sole responsibility. We will not falsify documents, so if you would like to decrease your customs expenses, we can split your shipment into smaller packages when possible, but you are responsible for the additional shipping charges, and must contact us to discuss this. If shipping is higher than you have paid, you will be sent a shipping profile money request for the balance if over $1.00 more than you have paid.  This will be seen on my site as a special order. 


Under the conditions listed, we will accept returns if you are unhappy with your purchase, and will refund your original purchase price upon our receipt of the item(s) in their original condition. Any return shipping fees, including insurance, are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please notify us of your intent to return an item, and your reason for doing so in advance of shipping.

1. Item must be in the same condition as when shipped. Used items will not be accepted.
2. Item must be returned via USPS, FedEx or UPS.
3. Item must be insured for the full value.
4. Item must be securely packaged for shipping.
5. Please enclose your reason for the return.

Custom Orders

Custom orders are always welcome and appreciated so if you wish to contact us about that, please allow us reasonable time to help you with a design and to complete the work.
There are no refunds on custom orders.

Please remember to contact us should you have any questions about policies, shipping, etc. Communication is very important to us. We do our best to keep in touch with our customers from the moment they purchase an item until we hear that the item has been successfully delivered.

We have a 100% positive record of excellent customer service and make every commitment to maintaining that standard of service so that your experience with our store is the delight for you that it is for us!